Pr. Sunny John, serving the Lord past 26 years in India with a vision to evangelize this nation.

After completing Bachelor of Divinity and Bachelor of Arts, he began the ministry as a theological professor at various Bible Colleges, trained hundreds of missionaries and sends them to different part of the land.   During the year 2005-’06, he launched a mission training Centre at a place called Pampady nearby Kottayam, Kerala, India. It was the result of his ambition in fulfilling to reach the unreached of the nation India. All the students were handpicked from different states of India. The name of that ministry was “Great Commission Ministry” this title was only because to reflect the aim of his vision. The Mission Training Centre went through the first year in molding the youngsters from different culture. But he met with lot scarcity for funds since it was by faith and self funded. During this period a church also established (Trinity Worship Centre), but the first members were his family, the staff and the students of the training centre. But after the first year and graduation of the first batch he forced to stop the training centre but decided to go with the church.

By the end of 2007 “Great Commission Ministry” moved from Pampady to Manarcad (6 km distance) after finding a new building with more facility but comparing cheap rent. It started as a pioneering church. The Lord was faithful; He gave few families to the church. But on the run decided to merge the “Great Commission Ministry” with a ministry called “Berachah International Ministry”. It’s a ministry organization with a great motto to “Serve this generation by the will of God”. Pastor A.J. George is the founder and president of this organization. His son Pastor Varghese Bethel George who is the International Director was the classmate of Pastor Sunny John. This friendship enabled them to minister together and now the ministry is in right track to fulfill the vision that God entrusted.