Spreading Jesus Love

Our  Vision  is  in  accordance  with  the  challenge  that  we are  facing.  The  church  is  pioneered  in  vision  with  a  Spiritual  burden  about  the unreached  places  and  people  groups  of  this  nation.  There  are  some  458,000  villages  in  India  with  no  known  Christian  presence.  Also  there  are  more  than  2100 people  groups  in  which  majority  weren’t  heard  Gospel.  Therefore  we  summarize the vision as below:

  • Be A Church Which Obeys The Great Commission
  • Equipping The Church To Reach The Unreached With Love Of Christ
  • Showing The Christ Like Character
  • To Build Up A Healthy Community By Giving All Kinds Of Awarness Programmes
  • Our First Priority Is Equipping The Church To Obey The Great Commission
  • Help The Church To Capture The Vision And Plant New Churches In Different Parts Of Our Nation
  • Guiding The Church People To Go For The Short Term Mission Trips To Northern India And Planting
  • New Churches
  • Quality Evangelism Programs Through Media
  • Ministry “Jesus With You” Literature Ministry And Public Ministry